New Moon/Eclipse in July

Your Emotional Soul… This week the Moon wanes in its light as it gets ready for a New Moon on Sunday July 11th at 3:40 pm the astrological sign of Cancer at 19 degrees. This is a New Moon that is focused on the feminine. Not only is the Moon in her favorite zodiac sign of Cancer (since Cancer is ruled by the Moon), the Sun, a bright and yang-like energy, is also in Cancer, making it more mellow and loving. An eclipse is one of the rare times that the Moon overpowers the light of the Sun! Plus, the asteroid Juno, the Roman Goddess is part of this connection between Sun and Moon. Juno is the wife of Jupiter (in Greek, she is known as Hera, wife of Zeus). She was a powerful goddess in her own right, and defended women and marriage. Whether you are a man or a woman, this is a New Moon that is about connecting to the feminine within and realizing the power of the Goddess.

Your Energetic Spirit… The Sun is going to be eclipsed by the shadow of the Moon, during the New Moon on July 11th. A Solar eclipse is a Syzygy. Much like the word “yoga,” which means “to join  in union,” syzygy literally means “to yoke together.” This yoking between the Sun, Moon, and Earth symbolizes an alignment the Spirit, Soul, and Body. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Cancer, so the alignment should be directed toward your emotional needs and desire to be nurtured.

Cancer is a feminine yin energy, and is connected to the great Matrix of the ocean, the Mother from which life on earth was born. One way to bring yourself into Syzygy on this eclipse is to connect to the Great Mother of a religious tradition. Mary is the Great Mother in the Christian tradition, and is much loved for unconditional acceptance of the frailties of human kind. She has a similar quality to Tara in Buddhism, and Isis in the ancient Egyptian religions. These goddesses will always answer your call for help, and will  be there to nurture and care for you. Take a few deep breaths and meditate on this beautiful image of Mary, an icon from the Russian Orthodox Church, and see yourself fully loved and adored. Notice that Mary is between the Sun, which is behind her head, and the New Moon, which is at her feet. You are also connected and embraced by the Heavens.  If you click on the image, it will enlarge.

Your Communication Skills …Communication can become about expressing yourself creativity and style. If you’ve been wanting to find your voice in writing, or try out for theater, this is a good week to begin to experiment with joyfully having your say. Don’t be too concerned if other people  say you are a bit too self-centered in the way your are perceiving the world. This is a good month to think about how YOU need to engage with the world. This is because Mercury moves from  Cancer into the sign of Leo on Friday July 9th

Your Love & Relationships … Your love life may be less focused on play and creative expression (the qualities of Leo) and start to be more practical in nature. Venus might not have as much pure fun in Virgo, but it is a good time to plan for the future, save for a house, or start a new approach to eating and health. All of those things are a necessary part of building a long lasting love relationship. This is because Venus moves from Leo into the sign of Virgo on Saturday July 10th.