Full Moon in Virgo

Rachel Carson

March 8th, 2012. Full Moon in Virgo on Thursday at 4:39 am. est. Virgo, the virgin, is an Earth sign, and a practical steward of the natural world in which we live. Virgo applies her skills of observation and deliberation to the real world, right here and right now. I wanted a real woman to represent Virgo, a woman who was natural, earthy, and epitomized a life of service. This image of Rachel Carson called to me. Scientist and author of Silent Spring, she documented the effects of industrial pollution on the natural world. Her words initiated the environmental movement and guided us all in a new direction. She believed that the natural world was a necessary part of humanity’s spiritual growth. She said: “There would be no peace for me if I kept silent.”

Her eyes are piercing. They demand that I wake up, that I look clearly at what is around me, that I don’t space out and pretend it will all go away. She is serious, concerned, taking action. She carries the tools of her trade and has grounded her love and compassion in her engagement with the natural world.

To Do: Look Rachel Carson in the eyes. What is she asking of you? Demanding of you? Have a conversation with her. Ask her why she cares, how she got started, what meaning did her service bring to her life? Tell her about what your neighborhood and community needs. Tell her the ways you think you can contribute.