Full Moon at 1:05 pm EDT Tuesday Aug 24

by Robert Place

The Full Moon is when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun, reflecting the Sun’s light like a huge mirror in the sky. Since the Sun is in Virgo, the Full Moon will be in the opposite sign of Pisces.

Virgo and Pisces are two energies that have the same goal, but just use different means to get there. Their goal is to bring compassion and healing to the world through service. Virgo, an earth sign, does it though very practical and physical ways, like healthy eating and a daily routine that is structured around healing. Pisces is a water sign, and so the way it goes about bringing compassion and healing to the world is through spirituality and intuitive action. While Virgo embraces a daily routine, Pisces seeks to dissolve all barriers and move into a place of unity and oneness with all things. The sign of the mystic, Pisces can tune into the deeper mysteries of the universe and seek guidance through interior meditation and prayer. While you might find Virgo in a hospital, Pisces is likely to be found in a monastery, hence this lovely picture of Buddha in meditation under the Full Moon.

Pisces, of course, has a dark side. It is often hard to find inner peace and spiritual connection while living in a world of stress, conflict, and fear. So Pisces can take the easier path that includes abusing drugs, alcohol, or fantasy and spend a fair amount of time just spacing out! The rich inner life of a Pisces can seem much more attractive than a world hungering for help. But there are many fun and productive ways for Pisces to tune into the inner world and find a connection to Spirit that can guide and sustain. Art, music, meditation, yoga, prayer, ritual, devotional reading, trance, writing, and moon-bathing are just a few.

To bring balance between your Pisces and Virgo selves use the ability of Virgo to provide you with the structure and routine you need to connect to your divine source in whatever way that most resonates to your Soul. Perhaps this will be starting (or re-committing) to a daily practice of meditation or yoga, attending your house of worship on a weekly basis, taking a long walk in nature each Sunday, or starting a nightly dream journal. Use Virgo’s organizational ability to create the time to raise your own level of spiritual consciousness,  which will help you discover how to bring your unique gifts into service for the world.