Full Blue Moon in Pisces on Friday Aug 31

Waite-Smith Tarot with art by Pamela Colman Smith

If you want to read more and get info on the Blue Moon click MOONLETTER.  The Star illustrates the harmony that can be achieved within us between watery mystical Pisces and earthy practical Virgo. It is even more necessary that we find this balance now, during the transformative time of 2012, referred to as The Shift, since it promises a shift in consciousness from greed to compassion, from separation to unity. Spiritually inclined people are often more interior, and keep their visions for a new world to themselves. It is time for dreamers to make their dreams known, and to find practical methods to engage in the world in order to make a difference, while still holding on to their spiritual values. This Moon in Pisces is a very strong one, since it combines with Neptune in Pisces, exponentially deepening the potential of our connection to Spirit. This Full Moon is a time to tap into your internal spiritual longings and find a way to bring them to manifestation through practical action in the external world.

For you: Imagine that you are this woman, one leg kneeling on the earth, and the other leg resting on the water in the pond. You could even physically take the position, to feel the balance in your body. You are comfortable both on land and water. You have a pitcher in each hand, filled with water, which contains the longings of your Soul. Pause and ask yourself, “What are the longings of my Soul? What is my intuition prompting me to do?” Once you know, you pour one pitcher into the pond to keep your intuition flowing. You feel gratitude for the solid contact of this relationship. You pour the other pitcher onto the ground, and it makes five streams, each representing one of your senses – sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell. You relish in your connection to the earth. Above you is a brilliant yellow star, which is your Spirit and the source of your radiance. Next to it are seven white stars, representing your chakras which align your Spirit to your body. Take another deep breath, and ask that you be open to your Spirit, and that your body is in alignment with each chakra.. The purple mountains in the distance indicate the long journey you are on, but the bird in the tree nearby promises that if you listen to your still sweet voice within, that you will always be guided in the right direction. Take some deep breaths, allow your spiritual essence to expand within you, let it radiate through you until you see it move into the world where you will take clear practical actions, large or small, to let your light be seen.