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The First Step: Birth Chart Interpretation

I will begin to unravel the mystery that is you, and explain the basic meaning of your astrological chart. You bring your immediate concerns and any questions you might have about any area of your life. We will use the mythic language of astrology to bring clarity and insight into your current direction, looking at such things as relationships, job, life purpose, and any challenges or major transitions you are experiencing. We can work over the phone or at my Chattanooga office.

Life Cycles and Transit Reading

Often called an “Update,” it is good to revisit your chart once or twice a year to learn about the changing cycles of your life as seen by the transiting and progressed planets. You and your astrological chart are always in a process of change. Through a Life Cycle reading you can get insight and clarity on upcoming cycles of change and ideas on decision making and direction. You may have had another astrologer do your chart at some time in the past and just want to gain insight on the current state of affairs. Or perhaps you want to see the larger flow of planets as we move into 2013.

Quick Questions

Clients who have had their charts done by me within 6 months can ask quick questions by phone, email, or in person.

The Relationship Chart and Family Constellations

It is possible to look at two different charts, the Relationship of say of you and your life partner, or you and your child. Each person is unique, with a complex array of parts, passions, and purpose. It can really help to get a sense of where each of you meet in harmony, and push up against each other in tension. We also view major transits, to get a better understanding of current relationship dynamics that change over time. The Family Constellation includes 3 or more charts. This approach can also be used with business partners or any other people in a dynamic relationship.

If you want to Change Direction: Life Coaching

If you are in a period of major transition, job change, relationship changes, creative urges, or feeling blocked, you might want to sign up for some supportive coaching using astrology to help guide you on your way. We look specifically at what you want to accomplish either immediately, or in the future, and build a strategic plan that takes your astrological cycles into consideration. For example, when you have a Saturn cycle you may feel a bit restricted and blocked in your actions. You can use that energy, instead of fighting against it, by getting clear on a direction and manifesting results. There will be a more expansive social cycle of Jupiter at some point in the near future, when your joy and enthusiasm return. We work together to create a clear vision and develop specific assignments to create momentum and change.

If you want to go Deeper: Holistic Counseling

You can also go deeper if you choose, and learn the language of astrology so that you can begin to identify all the various and complex parts of who you are. We use the language of Jungian psychology where the planets are viewed as Archetypes, for example the Mothering part of you is the Moon; the Warrior part of you is Mars. Through on-going counseling you unfold your chart slowly, discovering layers of yourself by incorporating dreams, visualization, past life exploration, and experience with symbolic meditation. You can come weekly or monthly as your time and budget allow.


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