Labyrinths galore!

This picture is of me taken two weeks ago at the fantastic Labyrinth Society Gathering in New Harmony, Indiana. It was such a wonderful, enlightening, and fun event. I’m standing in front of a pumpkin labyrinth, just one of the many temporary labyrinths created in the beautiful town. If you are interested in labyrinths you should definitely join the organization. In full disclosure, I am a founding member and was on the Board of Directors for four years, so I might be a wee bit enthusiastic.

I gave a keynote on the mystical and alchemical beliefs of the Harmony Society, the Utopian commune that built the town in 1814. They built three town on the American frontier, literally carved them out of the wilderness. And in each town they created a hedge labyrinth that was symbolic of their religious beliefs. New Harmony reconstructed one of their labyrinths, and you can walk all 140 feet of it. There is also a beautiful rose quartz Chartres labyrinth in the town too. It was such great fun to be with such creative people. I can’t wait until the Gathering next year at Taos, New Mexico. Check out the organization at

Here is a picture of their hedge labyrinth. If you want to know more about labyrinths you can also check my page on labyrinths in the Healing Arts section of my website.