Venus and Mercury in the sky

I’m on my back deck watching the stars come out. And I saw such a bright light in the western sunset, that I knew it was Venus. Its like a sparkling diamond in the sky, in the west at sunset. But there was a small light next to it, and I knew it was a planet too, and thought it was Mercury. But since I wasn’t sure I opened a great free downloadable program called Stellarium ( and yes, it was Mercury. And Mars is out too, near the constellation of Gemini. Then I started to find other constellations using Stellarium. Orion is beautiful, as is Sirius, and I am very familiar with them. But I found all of Gemini the Twin (not just their heads, but also their feet!), and Taurus, the bull, with her beautiful horns. Then Auriga, and Perseus and Andromeda. They are the main characters in the new Clash of the Titans. Maybe its a sign I better go to the film!

Get this great program and find the stars yourself. Its pretty easy to do.