The Yin / Yang Symbol

The Yin/Yang symbol is a very simple, yet powerful symbol of perfect balance that leads to wholeness. It shows that everything is held within the whole by an opposing force, represented by the opposing black and white halves of the circle. The black side is Yin and represents darkness, night, Moon, unconsciousness, receptive, female energy. The white side is Yang and represents light, day, Sun, consciousness, active, male energy. These energies are always interacting, always in flux, and are interconnected, which is represented by the small circle of dark Yin within the Yang, and a small circle of light Yang within the Yin.

The Yin/Yang is helpful in understanding the importance of the Full Moon. During the Full Moon the opposing, yet equal energies of life that are always in flux, find a momentary point of balance. When you meditate on the Yin/Yang symbol put your focus on the line in that center that with great gracefulness both separates and joins the two opposite sides. In that space, for just a moment, all the opposites disappear, and you are left gazing at oneness. It is the same with the Full Moon. For just this brief time each month we can meditate on the connecting point of two opposing forces, and in doing so, find a place of union.

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