Happy New Year of the Snake

The Chinese Year of the Snake begins on the New Moon of February 10th.  The snake has long been a symbol of transformation and renewal since it willingly sheds its skin. In Chinese literature the snake is the introspective yin complement to the extroverted yang energy of the Dragon; together they form the House of Mystery. It is part of this great mystery that we have a Snake Year in 2013 to bring in the renewal promised by the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012.

The snake is considered good luck and a bringer of treasure. Snakes are graceful, wise, mysterious, and intuitive. A snake year is a time of secrecy, contemplation, and even conspiracy. It brings an increased awareness of environmental needs and natural improvements.

In many cultures the serpent  is also a symbol of the feminine and Great Goddess since the snake moves with such sensuous grace and so closely to the earth.

Here is a blessing from the Grand Master of the Kagyu Thaye Dordje lineage for this new year:

“At the dawn of this new year,

The one of the female water snake,

I wish you all vitality as flourishing as a springtime’s grove!

May all the splendid auspiciousness Of virtue and fortune gather perfectly

And may there be an ever present abundance of happiness!”