New Moon Solar Eclipse & Venus

Annular Eclipse from 2010

The New Moon will be at 7:47 pm EDT at 0 degrees of Gemini. It will also be an annular Solar Eclipse. This eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, but instead of covering it entirely, like it does during a Total Solar Eclipse, it covers the center of the Sun, leaving a ring of fire around the Sun’s edges. Annular comes from Latin and means “little ring.” The Sun will be 88% covered, but that 12% of solar light can still damage your eyes, so if you are fortunate enough to be in the path of the Eclipse, please use protective covering.  The Eclipse will be seen in the western United States, but not in the Eastern part, nor in Western Europe. Here is a great site, Earth/Sky that shows the path of the Eclipse and the times when it will be occurring near you. SOLAR ECLIPSE PATH . Plus check out SHADOWANDSUBSTANCE for more details of viewing.  There is much being said about this particular eclipse. It is the first Solar Eclipse in the mainland of the US in the 21st century. It is the first annular eclipse in the US since 1994, and the next one won’t be until 2023.

Even if you can’t see the eclipse, you can still tune into the energy through meditation and ritual. Ac Tau, a Mayan elder, is holding a 2 day gathering of shamans in Mexico to bring in the energy of the 2012 transformation using the connection to frequencies and sound. He believes that this date is more important than 12/21/2012. And while annular eclipses occur with some regularity, people have noted that this particular alignment of the Sun and Moon hasn’t occurred for nearly 26,000 years. This is because the Sun and Moon are also aligned to the star Alcyone in the Pleaides constellation. Check out this link by Jo Dunning as she discusses how this moves our earth through a photon belt. And check out this link by Carol Ann Ciocco has quite bit to say about the importance of this eclipse to Alcyone and the Pleaides.  You can read these materials and see what resonates to you. With this eclipse in Gemini it points towards how we communicate and understand one another. Any eclipse is a connection between the yin (Moon) and yang (Sun). In this eclipse the Moon is creating a mandala on the Sun, covering most of it, but still allowing the bright illumination of the Sun’s fire to shine forth. Maybe that is what we need on this planet. 88% yin and 12 % yang!!  Focus on the connection between your yin and yang, and notice how you communicate and share your essence. What is your balance, and what do you think it needs to be, at least at time time in our collective lives.

Another important sky event occurs during this New Moon. On May 22 and 23rd it will be the last time this year that the Moon and Venus will be seen together in the sky. These two goddess lights have really been a powerful combination this Spring, and I will really miss seeing the lovely light of Venus so brilliant in the western sky. In June she will shift from the evening star to the morning star, and have a powerful eclipse of the Sun herself on June 5t-6th. I will write more about that in the June Moonletter. Suffice it to say, the Goddess energy of feminine divinity (which abides in men and women) has been very strong, and the feeling of love and compassion, as well as fierce protection, have been radiant in the sky.

Super Full Moon Saturday May 5 @ 11:35 pm edt

Katniss from The Hunger Games

The Full Moon in Scorpio is a powerful place. It combines the nurturing quality of the Moon with the fierce and unforgiving energy of Scorpio. Artemis represents the Moon as a strong female, at home in nature and confident within herself. We can see a modern interpretation of Artemis in the portrayal of Katniss, the main heroine of The Hunger Games.  Katniss has an integrated balance between yin and yang. She carries her bow and arrow and is a fierce and skilled warrior, but she kills only to protect those she loves. Her goal is not to win for personal glory, but to save her family and friends. There is even an Apollo figure in her close companion Peeta, who is engaged in what could be seen as more yin pursuits. He is a baker, a cake decorator, and when called on to protect himself, he uses his skill of camouflage and disappearance. He is an artist who is motivated by love and devotion as he finds his way through the game of life. This movie that pits violence, superficiality, and oppression against values of love, family, and sacrifice has struck a note in our national psyche. The combination of balanced masculine and feminine energies create the shift that Katniss and Peeta’s society so desperately needs. This is a modern day myth, pointing the way to our own personal and societal transformation so that we might never see the fractured world of The Hunger Games.

To Do: This entire weekend, from Friday to Monday morning, will be filled with the light of the Moon. During this weekend try to slow down. Take deep breaths, engage in your body, eat more mindfully, let others go in front of you in line, and allow yourself time where you have no agenda. Imagine that you are in a perfect place of balance; not a static rigid place that you need to defend, but a flexible, moving point of balance that rises and falls like the ebb and flow of life. When you find that place of balance within yourselves you can find a way to be a creative, musical, healer who is in touch with your inner knowledge. When you find that place of balance you are powerful, clear, and directed, taking aim with intention to bring your goals into manifestation. You might be thinking that such balance is too much to hope for. But in fact, it is the natural order of things. Day and night find their moving point of balance, Sun and Moon dance through the month as they come close and then move apart again. Life is always changing. Take this Full Moon as a time to slow down, and participate in the flow of life