Full Moon in Libra on Friday April 6

The Full Moon this month is in the sign of Libra which is ruled by the planet Venus. This Venus-ruled Moon is reminding us that the women of the world are strong and powerful. I have represented the Goddess of Love as a real Venus — Venus Williams and her sister, Serena. They are joyful, competitive, strong, collaborators. They worked hard and moved into an arena where they were outsiders, and they flourished.  Women need to join together, to be as sisters. There can be no room for petty rivalries. They can all be fabulous. Here are two women who are both excellent in the same profession, but instead of trying to pull each other down, they joined together to transform their world. Women need to let go of jealousy, infighting and doubt, and realize that women will all rise or fall together. Imagine yourself and all the women in your life as powerful beyond measure and bright as the evening star.