Welcome to Year of the Dragon

2012 is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology. It begins at the New Moon on January 23rd. For the Astrologers of ancient China, the Dragon was a constellation associated with rain and was a symbol of the life-force, eventually becoming the emblem of royalty, power and wealth. Because it symbolizes fertility, the Dragon is the sign of creation and innovation on a wide and expansive scale. In the Dragon Year the time is ripe for fertile imagination, bold strokes, wild schemes, and dramatic gestures. The Dragon, being associated with astronomy, promises new discoveries in cosmology too. The Dragon symbolizes the mystic and mysterious, and spirituality will gain new attention. This is not the time for the conventional; rather, those who succeed will be the rash or eccentric. In business, the more fantastic the proposal put forward the greater change of success. (from Derek Walters Ming Shu: The Art and Practic of Chinese Astrology, 1987.) This is the year of the Water Dragon, which brings in more emotional calm and compassion than other dragon years, leading to the ability to see things from another’s point of view with perspective and clarity.

Dragon’s creative and spiritual energies lend support to the transformations indicated by the end of the Mayan Calendar.  We are fascinated by the mysterious Mayans as we try to figure out what spiritual lessons the end of their era brings. Although some people are trying to bring fear to 2012, most people aligned to a spiritual resonance are looking at 2012 as a year of powerful transformation. Instead of focusing on the ending of this era, I have been thinking of the beginning of a new era, which astrologically corresponds to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is a new time of global transformation, an increase in consciousness, and the development of social transformation. It is highlighted by our technological renaissance and global interconnection. The fact that the fate of all humanity is intricately intertwined as never before is evident in ecological, political, economic, and social interactions. I am fully convinced that this is a year of major transformation, and it is a time for each one of us to step up to the plate and make the difference that we always wanted to make. Whether that is in your family, community, or world, and whether it involves the environment, education, or religion, the time is NOW. Now is the time. This is the Year. Break free, reach out, take a risk, be bold, be a dragon!

To Do: I’ve always loved dragons and if I admit the truth, I have wanted my own dragon for years. Dragons are powerful, majestic, loyal, magical, and fearless. What better time than this Chinese Year of the Dragon to realize that these are all qualities that already exist within ourselves. We all have a dragon. We just need to learn how to train it. I think a good way to start this Year of the Dragon is to watch How to Train Your Dragon (Dreamworks, 2010, illustrated above). This is a wonderful parable about trusting yourself, believing in your talents, even when they are different than your family and society, and making friends with what you fear, turning that fear into your most powerful ally.

Full Moon in Cancer on Monday

Susan Seddon Boulet

The Moon is full in the sign of Cancer. This is an especially powerful place for the Moon since the Moon is more at home in Cancer than she is in any other zodiac sign. The Moon is feminine and represents the feminine energy in each of us. She is the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, your Soul, Anima, your own mother, and the nurturing mothering part of you. The Moon rules the oceans and when she is in Cancer her emotional capability is limitless like the ocean. The ebb and flow of the tides are connected to the Moon and symbolize our changing passions. When the Moon is in Cancer it is as if the ocean is at high tide and overflowing; there is a fullness of love, compassion, and caring. There is no barrier to giving and receiving love. She stands bold and beautiful during this Full Moon in opposition to the Sun in Capricorn, the patriarchal power of acquisition and control. She acknowledges Capricorn’s need for structure and boundaries by providing containers – a bowl and cup – practical tools to share her gifts to the world.

For You: Meditate on this beautiful image of the Divine Feminine. Imagine the Moon as this goddess, so full of compassion and love that her cup runneth over. She holds in her hands an offering to the world, knowing that what she offers is just one part of her vast gifts. She looks down on all her children and shines her light equally on them, no matter where they live in this vast world, or their race, sex, religion, politics, or social status. We are all one under the Moon. The same Moon that you see tonight is the same Moon that children are seeing in Africa, and that the warriors are seeing in Iraq. Now imagine that you are this lovely goddess and that in your hands you hold a cup that is running over into a bowl that is seated on your lap. See yourself looking at the vast world, all the people, animals, birds, trees, the air and water. Feel your love and light illuminate it all. Know that you have a gift to give, and that it is only one part of who you are. See yourself overflowing with grace. Take a deep breath and acknowledge the gift you have for the world. See it clearly. Make a conscious choice to reach out and share it with love.