New Moon in Scorpio Wednesday 3:56 pm

Scorpio by Eric Williams

Today is a New Moon, and what a New Moon it is!! Not only are the Sun and Moon in the water sign Scorpio, but Mercury and Venus are also swimming around in the deep mysteries of the psyche. The New Moon each month is a reminder that you can always begin anew. With all this Scorpio energy charging things up, this new beginning might seem connected to something in your past that no longer serves you. It is a time to begin looking deep within to find the root causes of things that are bothering you. It is a time to delve into your psyche, remember incidents from the past, and recall memories from childhood. Look particularly at how you communicate (Mercury) with those you love (Venus). Pay close attention to your dreams over the next few nights. You may gain an insight into some old pattern that you have been repeating that has been holding you back. I know for me, I am working on being less critical of those I love. I am working on keeping my mouth shut and my heart open.  You may discover that changing old patterns from your past will bring an opportunity for you to move more fully into your future.

Full Moon Tuesday at 10:06 pm edt

Aries by Eric Williams

This Full Moon: The Sun is in Libra, which means that your conscious awareness sees clearly the needs and demands of the people around you. Since Saturn is also in Libra right now, you might be asking yourself what you “should” do, and what is the “responsible” action to take. You look around and see yourself surrounded by family and societal expectations, and perceive that it is necessary to put everyone else’s needs before your own. But the Moon, your unconscious intuition, has a different agenda. In Aries, it longs for self expression, to take an action that is just for yourself alone. You sense the road in front of you and long to find the buried treasure at the end. With Uranus also in Aries right now, you might be thinking of doing something rash, walking out, taking off, and breaking free from obligations. Your heart is aching to express itself.

To Do: This Full Moon in Aries is asking you to listen to your heart. Hear the calling of your intuition. Pay attention to your dreams. Feel your desire to stretch out, take risks, and find the treasure that is you. Autumn reminds you that all life dies, and that the time left for you to truly live will not last forever. But it wants you to balance your need for self expression with your equally strong need for love, partnership and community, all the qualities represented by the Sun in Libra. Take time this Full Moon (Monday through Wednesday) to ponder how you can fully be yourself in the company of others. How you can see the ties that bind as the net that will catch you if you happen to fall on your journey. Let Uranus and Saturn join together to inspire new creative structures that will serve both your need for personal expression and for loving commitment.

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