Winter Solstice Tuesday at 6:38 pm est

It is a rare event to have the Winter Solstice on the same day as a total Lunar Eclipse. NASA reports that in the last 2000 years, only one such combination occurred 372 years ago. The next one won’t be until Dec. 21, 2094. So this is a very special longest night and shortest day.

The Winter Solstice is a time of new beginnings. Most people think of the Winter Solstice as the longest night of the year, and that is true since the Sun’s light has been decreasing since its peak six months ago at the Summer Solstice. But it also means that the Winter Solstice is when the Sun is reborn, creating an increase in light again. This yearly cycle of the Sun has been celebrated for millennium, and represents the continual life, death, and rebirth that marks the dance of life on earth. Christmas, the birth of Jesus, became celebrated at this time, since he too represents the birth of the Son. It may be dark and cold outside, but the Winter Solstice points to the knowledge that the seeds of life are alive under the hard earth, ready to rise up when the day become warm again. Life, like the Sun, is never ending and always renewing.

The Winter Solstice is when the Sun moves out of Sagittarius and into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is represented by the goat, that sturdy animal who makes its way to the top of the mountain one step at a time. For you: It is a time to take the dreams and visions of Sagittarius and bring them into the hard cold steps of reality.  Take this time of winter to show not only belief in yourself, and patience in the workings of the Universe, but also actually start to plan and figure out the practical, logical steps you need to take to bring your greatest ideas to fruition. Capricorn reminds us that it is through hard work that the great ideas are brought to form.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

The Sun is in Sagittarius, so the Moon is in the opposite sign of Gemini. During this Full Moon let your consciousness expand and consider things you might think are beyond your reach. This is not the time to put blinders on your vision for yourself. It is the time to reach for the stars. Sagittarius is the archer, and you can take aim and let your hopes and dreams take flight. Don’t hold back. Right now is the time to imagine yourself at your greatest possibility.

The Moon is in Gemini, and this points to a connection between your intuition and your intellect. What you think and what you feel right now are one in the same. It is time to embrace the expanded ideas that Sagittarius brings forth into your everyday life into your local Gemini community. Focus on the balance between your intellect and intuition, your expanded visions and your daily actions. Let yourself integrate the dreams and visions you have for yourself (Sagittarius) and start taking small actions immediately (Gemini). Be the change you want to see in the world. Mercury is also in Gemini right now, conjoined the Sun, so that just adds an explanation point!

A full moon is when the Sun and Moon stand in exact opposition from each other. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and Moon. It is the shadow of the Earth that you see moving across the Moon. At the height of the eclipse, for a total of 72 minutes,  the Sun, Earth, and Moon are lined up directly behind one another, and the Moon is completed dimmed. During the eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in a powerful syzygy, or alignment. This eclipse will be visible, weather permitting, all over North America. In the eastern part of the US, it begins at 1:33 am on Tuesday, December 21st, is at its peak at 3:13 am, and ends at 5:01 am, as the graph illustrates.  On the west coast it begins  at 10:33 pm on Monday, December 20th, and ends in the early hours of Tuesday, December 21st. The last total lunar eclipse was two years ago, and the next one we’ll be able to see in North America will be April 15, 2014. You can watch a lunar eclipse with the naked eye, and the Moon will change colors through the event, until it is a deep red at its peak. For more information go to NASA, which is having forums and shared pictures the entire night of the eclipse. For an animated look at the time and movement of the eclipse go to

The Sun represents your conscious Spirit, the Moon represents your intuitive Soul, and the Earth represents your physical body. During this eclipse those three parts of yourself are in perfect alignment, perfect syzygy. You now have the opportunity to integrate your intellect (Sun) and intuition (Moon) into your physical body (Earth). You can plant the seeds of consciousness into your bones, sinews, and senses. It is a reminder that you are a spirit in a physical body, and that the actions you take in your daily life, in your community, and in the world, really and truly matter.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse takes place at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, which means it also aligns with the center of our galaxy, which is located near 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The Galactic Center is the rotational center of our spiral shaped Milky Way Galaxy, the churning whirlpool around which our own solar system slowly circles. At the center of our galaxy there is a huge black hole, and just last month I wrote about how scientists recently discovered huge bubbles of powerful energy radiating from the center. See my Blog for more.

For you: With this quadruple syzygy – Sun, Earth, Moon, Galactic Center- occurring on December 21st, you can tap into powerful universal energies to fuel the visions of expansive Sagittarius. Forget Red Bull. For the ultimate energy drink follow these instructions: Breathe deeply and center yourself. Imagine yourself as the Earth. In front of you is the Sun, behind you the Moon. The three of you are aligned in perfect balance and you feel the cord of energy that connects you, one to the other. Now, take that cord and extend it out, far out, into the universe, to the very core of our Milky Way. Drop your cord into the energy that is pulsating at the Galactic Center. Now start drinking in that energy by imagining with each in-breath that you are pulling the galactic energy through a straw, and bringing it down the straw through the Sun, and through you, the Earth, and into the Moon. Feel yourself radiate with strength and power. Repeat when needed.

Meteor Shower tonight!

Stay up all night Monday night, and keep looking towards the sky into the early light of Tuesday, December 14th to see the best meteor showers of the year. More than 100 meteors will fly through the night sky every hour. Peak showers will be early Tuesday, between midnight and sunrise. And you’ll be able to see them easily with the naked eye. That is, if it’s a clear night. The meteors are caused by debris of what was once believed to be an asteroid or comet. They will appear to come from the constellation Gemini, hence their name. Gemini is easy to find if you look toward the east in the night sky, and find its two large stars, the twins, Castor and Pollux. Click HERE to find out how to find Gemini in the night sky. Some meteors will be visible through December 16th. For more info on the meteor shower go to NASA.

While your staying up all night to watch the sky, mark your calendar for 3:13 am Tuesday December 21st for the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. That day will also be the Winter Solstice. I’ll write about what that special day means in my next Moon Letter. Be sure SIGN UP to receive my monthly newsletter that talks about what the Full Moon means to you.

New Moon in Sagittarius

Maxfield Parish's Ecstacy

New Moon Sunday at 12:39 pm in Sagittarius. This is a perfect time to expand your vision for what you want for yourself and the world. A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are conjoined together in the same zodiac sign, in this case 13 degrees of Sagittarius. Let your imagination lead you, consider things you might think are beyond your reach. This is not the time to put blinders on your vision for yourself. It is the time to reach for the stars.

From this New Moon until the Full Moon on December 21st, which is also going to be a Lunar Eclipse, keep thinking about what you want to happen in your life. Then on the Full Moon, you can take aim and let your hopes and dreams take flight. Don’t hold back. Right now is the time to imagine yourself at your greatest possibility.

December 21st is the Winter Solstice, as well as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. It is going to be a very big day to begin to bring your vision into manifestation. So you want to give yourself plenty of time over these next two weeks to really think about what you want. For example, create a vision board using images from magazines to express all the things you are interested in experiencing. Write down a vision and say it to yourself every day. When writing a vision always write in the present tense, and do not use negatives. For example, don’t say: “I will quit smoking and lose weight.”Instead say: “I can breathe deeply in my lungs which are healthy and clean, and I feel great about my body which is  limber and strong.”

Labyrinths galore!

This picture is of me taken two weeks ago at the fantastic Labyrinth Society Gathering in New Harmony, Indiana. It was such a wonderful, enlightening, and fun event. I’m standing in front of a pumpkin labyrinth, just one of the many temporary labyrinths created in the beautiful town. If you are interested in labyrinths you should definitely join the organization. In full disclosure, I am a founding member and was on the Board of Directors for four years, so I might be a wee bit enthusiastic.

I gave a keynote on the mystical and alchemical beliefs of the Harmony Society, the Utopian commune that built the town in 1814. They built three town on the American frontier, literally carved them out of the wilderness. And in each town they created a hedge labyrinth that was symbolic of their religious beliefs. New Harmony reconstructed one of their labyrinths, and you can walk all 140 feet of it. There is also a beautiful rose quartz Chartres labyrinth in the town too. It was such great fun to be with such creative people. I can’t wait until the Gathering next year at Taos, New Mexico. Check out the organization at

Here is a picture of their hedge labyrinth. If you want to know more about labyrinths you can also check my page on labyrinths in the Healing Arts section of my website.