Sun enters Sagittarius

by Eric Williams

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on Monday, November 22nd. Fasten your seat belts, the flight is departing. From the depths to the heights. The day the Sun enters Sagittarius it joins both Mercury and Mars which gives the Sun an extra boost. Jupiter is also moving into Aries on January 22nd, bringing in even more pioneering spirit to our endeavors, especially since it has been hanging around with that rebel Uranus.

The symbol for Sagittarius is the archer, leaning back, bow aimed, cocked, and ready to soar. All that is required is letting go of the arrow. Sagittarius has enthusiasm and spirit and brings in an energy quite optimistic and visionary. There is an absolute “can do” attitude with Sagittarius and it calls on us to expand our horizon. It is time to quit holding back, to aim our bows and charge forward.

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Sagittarius is literally pointing to our need for bigger visions and expanded energy. It you look towards the constellation Sagittarius in the sky, and let your gaze keep on expanding outward you will find yourself looking right at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, called the Galactic Center. Just last week scientists discovered two massive bubbles at this center. The bubbles span half the visible sky, have highly defined edges, and are emitting gamma rays energy. Gammy rays are the highest form of light in the universe. Scientists don’t understand the origin or nature of these bubbles, or the energy they are emitting. They have some possible theories, including that something is coming from the black hole at the center of our galaxy. For more on this amazing event go to www.

Suddenly that center in our galaxy seems really close. We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift where we are looking at things and pondering ideas that we’ve never considered before. Think big, really big. As Henry Thoreau said “Go boldly in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” This month of Sagittarius will be a great month to work on our visions, decide what our highest contributions can be, take our passions and give them form. We don’t want to hold back on setting forth our visions any longer, but instead  “Boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Full Moon in Taurus

Cosmogonic Tree by Marcia Snedecor

Full Moon in Taurus on Sunday Nov. 21 at 12:27 pm. Taurus is an earth sign. It is as strong and fixed in its nature as Scorpio but in an entirely different way, so it provides a good balance. Where Scorpio wants to heat things up, Taurus wants to cool things down. While Scorpio wants deep emotions, Taurus wants deep roots. The Moon is a nurturing principle and provides a container around you so that you feel protected and safe. With the Moon in Taurus, that protection can be very solid and grounded, holding you so closely that your emotional life can settle down and find a way to express itself. I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews’ song “When the World Ends” all month, and it seems to resonate in me the idea that even in complete chaos there can be safety. He says “Don’t you worry about a thing cause I’ve got you here with me…”  Our inner life can churn and burn as it comes to the surface, but if we are solid in any aspect of our lives we can feel contained and protected enough to allow it happen with some amount of objectivity, even creativity.

During this Full Moon in Taurus ask yourself: What makes me feel safe? What in my life settles me down and provides a solid container? If you don’t have a safety net yet, this Full Moon is a perfect time to think about what you need it to be. It could be a home, relationship, children, job, connection to the Divine, meditation, or nature. The best time for ceremony and meditation is from the Full Moon on Friday night through Monday at dawn when the beautiful ephemeral Moon slips into the west . Ponder these questions all weekend. Journal, dream, talk, draw, drop down grounding roots in guided visualizations. Let safety, protection, and comfort move through your every cell.

New Moon in Scorpio

Eric Williams

Saturday November 6th the Moon becomes new in the sign of Scorpio. The emphasis on Scorpio energy is very strong now, which means it might feel like volcanoes are erupting all around you. Along with the Sun and Moon, we also have Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus has been retrograding in Scorpio. Retrograding is like walking backwards, so you might be thinking about issues and people from your past.  Don’t be surprised if you start to dream about old lovers, or have old emotions triggered in such a way that you feel the hurt all over again. Friends and lovers might contact you from out of the blue providing you with opportunities to reconnect, or perhaps to heal what still hurts.

I think it is very symbolically significant that during this Scorpio energy we really do have volcanoes erupting all around. Mount Merapi is erupting right now in Indonesia with over 100 people reported dead. For more about this devastating eruption read National Geographic. But it doesn’t end there. Indonesia reported rumblings at 21 other volcanoes, which is more than double the number usually active at one time. This is making experts wonder why there is such an increase in volcanic activity in the Ring of Fire, a string of faults in the Pacific. Some speculate that tectonic plates are realigning and that volcanoes can effect one another. Even a volcano in Iceland is beginning to stir.

Mount Merapi

Isn’t that just the way it is in our emotional lives? When the parts of ourselves that we keep buried in our psyche start to rumble, it really does feel like tectonic plates within ourselves start to shift. Our whole world can start to realign, and one old memory or event can trigger another, leading to volcanoes,  earthquakes, and tsunamis. The tsunami in Indonesia last week wiped out two islands leading to over 430 dead, and it occurred on the same fault line that caused the 2004 tsunami that killed 230,00 in a dozen countries.

I don’t think you have to worry about destruction of this magnitude in your own life. But it does point to the depth and intensity of our inner core, our psyche that often lies hidden within, until something triggers an eruption. This is what Scorpio can be like when the energy of the psyche is ignored and pushed down. But there is also a tool for Scorpio energy that can avert disaster, and that is Psychology and other similar processes that bring an increase in your self knowledge and a deeper understanding of your psyche. Take the time to explore your fantasies, fears, passions, and old wounds to that you can bring them to the light with consciousness and some control. One really good way is to start to watch your dreams, which are like a direct connection to the deeper realms of yourself. Begin a dream journal now and begin a dialogue with yourself so that when one volcano explodes in your life, you don’t start a chain reaction.