Sun enters Scorpio


Pele by Sandra Stanton

Get ready for a shift in energy as the Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio at 8:35 am on Sunday October 23rd. From the relationship oriented Libra, we shift to the intense, passionate culmination of what relationships have to offer, for good or bad.

Each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet which colors the qualities of that sign. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, god of the Underworld. Scorpio wants to know what lies deep within the shadows of your psyche, the secrets in your heart, and the longings of your body. Because it is through these truths that real change occurs, even if it stings. It takes a powerful and clear will to direct the emotional force of Scorpio so that it  brings a positive and rejuvenating  transformation, not destruction.

This image of Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess signifies much of what I think about Scorpio. She lives deep in the mountains, her energy is the watery lava, powerful, hot, turbulent, increasing in tension, building in force. This force can be used for good, as it is in Iceland where the volcanic heat furnishes warmth for homes and hot tubs. Or Scorpio can hold onto its tension until it blows and everything around it is destroyed, as in Mt. St. Helena. But even then, new life is coming out of those ashes. This leads us to another of Scorpio’s  symbols, the Phoenix Bird, who burns to death in its own nest, only to be reborn from its ashes.

When the Sun enters Scorpio on Sunday we will have four planets in Scorpio including Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. I’ll write more about this on my Changing Sky and Blog section of my website

Full Moon in Aries


Aries by Eric Williams

You only have a few days left to kiss and make up. The time between the Full Moon on September 23rd and this Full Moon on October 22nd has contained a very rich opportunity to find the balance between the needs of yourself and the needs of others. Both Full Moons are in Libra/Aries  which emphasizes how important it is to maintain a balance in your different relationships. Of course the first relationship that comes to mind is your lover, wife, or husband. But Libra wants harmony in all your long lasting commitments, including best friends and business partners. This past month the bold and quick energy of Aries had you speaking your mind and your heart as never before. You may have been surprised by the power of your convictions and the strength to take care of yourself, and even left some confused and damaged relations behind. But if you look closer I think you will see that as you empower yourself that you also strengthen your relationships because you can’t have a really good relationship if you don’t fully show up as the unique individual that you are.

What to focus on this Full Moon? Take some time to consider what these past 30 days have been about regarding you and your relationships. Have you created any new partnerships? Are they based on the truth of who you are? or are you building them on the quicksand of superficial appearance and wishful thinking? Have you been honest in your existing relationships? Are there any rough edges you want to smooth over? Any friends you need to call and meet for coffee just to mend any frayed links. Parents? Children? Business Partners? Now is the time to harmonize your existing relationships, because with Scorpio coming in strong, you may discover that any unsettled feelings will come to a head with a vengeance.

Best times for ceremony and meditation are Thursday moonrise at 6 pm to Friday night at 10:30 pm EDT when the Moon changes from Aries to Taurus. And don’t forget the powerful beauty of the Full Moon setting at dawn on Friday morning in the west. Oh, and that beautiful, bright, and shining light you see near the Moon? That is Jupiter, and it will follow the Moon all night, and you can see it setting in the dawn’s early light as well. Jupiter is a planet that is protective and expansive, so it brings an extra energy to the harmony of all your relations.

Mercury enters Scorpio


Mercury just entered Scorpio. And that makes three planets now under the influence.  In addition to Mercury, the planets Venus and Mars are also in Scorpio. On Saturday the Sun enters Scorpio, making four. Stay tuned for insights on the influence of these four planets in Scorpio and be sure to read this months Full Moon NewsLetter on Thursday. Sign up on the website if you haven’t already.

Sun & Mercury connect in Libra

Love! Romance! Friendship! Creativity! With the Sun and Mercury exactly conjoined in the relationship sign of Libra, it is a perfect time to reach out and communicate your feelings of love, friendship, and creativity. The Sun is your essential self and Mercury is in charge of networking and communication. When in the sign of Libra, they are working together to make connections that will open up new areas for love, friendship, and creativity. Have you been wanting to email that art rep you met last week at a Gallery opening? Just do it. Now. Don’t wait. Have you been slow to call back your date from last week? Feeling shy? No matter. Do you need to make a dinner date with an old friend you have been ignoring?Just pick up the phone. People will tend to be receptive now.  You might not get the exact answer you want, but you won’t likely get rejected either. Sun and Mercury will be hanging out in Libra until Wednesday Oct 20th. After that Scorpio is added to the mix and the results might not be as harmonious. These next few days are a pretty safe bet.