Oceans: Need our love and help

I just went to see the movie Oceans. It is a product of Disney Nature and was released on Earth Day. It was so lovely and I was very moved. It was especially poignant since millions of gallons of oil were polluting our ocean  while I was watching. I could never forget that fact. The creatures in the ocean are amazing, with such strange eyes and mouths. Like aliens from another planet, but from our planet.

The Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers are having a healing for the waters tomorrow. Prayers will be given all over the world. I will join in the prayer of hope and healing for our waters. If you can go to a body of water, a spring or creek or pond that would be ideal. But just a glass of water on your kitchen counter can be the focus for your healing prayers to this wonderful and traumatized ocean of ours.

I’ll miss you, Orion


Last night I went out to look at the night sky, fully expecting to see Orion high in the sky, with his trusted dog Sirius. But low and behold, they were not there. I have loved watching Orion on these long winter nights, and he has become like a dependable friend. Orion is one of the easiest constellations to find, since he has that wonderful belt made of three stars, and his arms and legs are spread strong and wide, like the warrior he is. And in that belt is a nebula, that I can actually see sometimes with my astronomical binoculars (which cost only about $70!) Orion’s belt is featured in the Hubble 3D movie, which is spectacular and I highly recommend. For more information on Orion check out this article and pictures in Wikipedia.

But Orion was missing! I pondered what might have happened to him, when I noticed way low on the western horizon the three stars of his belt. And I realized, that Orion was leaving, his time in the sky over until the next winter. I felt sad that I would not see him in the summer nights. And I wondered what would take his place. So I looked up and I saw the constellation of LEO, the Lion! I smiled and felt relieved. Leo is also a very easy constellation to see, with his beautiful curved maned head. So check it out. And if you can’t find Leo on your own, download Stellarium for free at http://www.stellarium.org/ It is a great program to help you see the night sky.
So, I’ll miss you, Orion. But I’ll see you next winter, and until then, I’ll just have to get to know Leo a bit better.