Oil spill environmental disaster

Thursday, April 29, 2010. The massive oil spill off the gulf coast is an environmental disaster. Since it was an oil rig that blew, the oil is leaking from an underwater well, deep in the ocean. It has been hard to calculate how much oil continues to leak, but today it appears to be leaking at the rate of 5,000 barrels a day, not 1,000 as had been thought, and that the spill could reach the coast by Friday. And they don’t have a way to stop the leaking. This is different that the oil that leaked from a grounded ship over the coral reef in Australia this month. That was terrible due to the damage it did to the endangered (and supposedly protected) Great Barrier Reef. But the ship had a limited amount of oil. Since this is a well that is leaking, it seems as if the oil leak could go on and on until they find a way to cap the well. The oil slick is over 80 miles across. The coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are preparing for the oil to reach the shore line by as early as Friday. The military has been asked to help, and the Coast Guard are trying to burn the oil in the sea before it comes to the shoreline. What a disaster. And it is synchronistic that it is occurring at the same time that the President Obama has supported an increase in off-shore oil production. Whew! The money made by the oil production could be off set by the loss of income by tourism to these coastal areas. The tension that exists between protecting our environment and increasing our energy sources like oil, coal, and nuclear power, seems to be very problematic. I hope they figure out a way to control this leak. But I fear for the oceans. There is a new movie out called Oceans that I plan to see. It documents the beautiful sea life we could never experience any other way. Pray for the ocean.

Stephen Hawking and Aliens!

grey-alienStephen Hawking, arguably one of the most brilliant men alive, just came out and said that there probably were alien life forms in the universe, and we probably should not go looking for them! He said that based on how Earthlings have treated exploration (i.e. conquest) of other cultures we should be willing to consider the fact that aliens might not be very nice. He mentioned Christopher Columbus and the treatment of Native Americans as an example. There is going to be a Discovery Channel series on him called called Stephen Hawking’s Universe. Here is the link.

Now, normally I would not consider this too seriously. But, I just saw the film District 9, which was such a realistic view of alien life and our likely treatment of aliens as “others”, that I took notice. The film was great, really clever and very well done. I highly recommend it. And, I saw the Hubble 3D film too, which is such a magnificent journey into a very very very large cosmos. There just has to be other life forms than us in all those billions of stars. As Hawking says, “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational”.

Astrology and Dogs

Well, I learn something new everyday. And today it was that it appears (and I say appears, since one chart isn’t enough evidence for a definitive statement) that an astrological chart can be done for a dog. Very interesting case study brought in by a student of mine involving a show dog that lost her first litter of puppies to a strange silent killer. The idea that a dog has a birthchart brings up a whole host of questions for me. Like, does a dog have a soul?

Isabel Hickey, my first astrology teacher, said that dogs are the incarnation stage immediately prior to becoming humans. It is by being in such close connections to humans that a dog learns about what it means to be a human. I had a wonderful dog, Nietzsche, who was so smart and wonderful that I said that I was certain her next life would be human.
So, who knows. Maybe.

Venus and Mercury in the sky

I’m on my back deck watching the stars come out. And I saw such a bright light in the western sunset, that I knew it was Venus. Its like a sparkling diamond in the sky, in the west at sunset. But there was a small light next to it, and I knew it was a planet too, and thought it was Mercury. But since I wasn’t sure I opened a great free downloadable program called Stellarium (www.stellarium.org) and yes, it was Mercury. And Mars is out too, near the constellation of Gemini. Then I started to find other constellations using Stellarium. Orion is beautiful, as is Sirius, and I am very familiar with them. But I found all of Gemini the Twin (not just their heads, but also their feet!), and Taurus, the bull, with her beautiful horns. Then Auriga, and Perseus and Andromeda. They are the main characters in the new Clash of the Titans. Maybe its a sign I better go to the film!

Get this great program and find the stars yourself. Its pretty easy to do.

Dream of Space

Last night I had a dream about going into outer space. It was inspired by the movie about the Hubble camera that I had just seen. The ship that was taking hundreds of us to space was like a cruise ship, very comfortable and huge. My husband and I had bought trip insurance which provided an exit strategy if the trip became dangerous (sorta like trip insurance you get when you go to a foreign country where you are guaranteed to be airlifted out ). But I realized that unless I spent every minute with my husband on the trip, that I could be alone if the ship ran into trouble and would have to deal with it by myself. I pondered that, and realized that I would be o.k. and that on some level we are all alone anyway, and that I would be fine by myself.

Interpretation: This dream is about doing something unknown and the risks that are involved in taking off to some place you’ve never been before. It feels good to have a companion on the journey, but on some level we are alone, and we need to remember that we are capable on our own. Which was all well and good until aliens took over the ship!!

Amazing universe with Hubble

Last night my husband and I went to see the Imax show of Hubble 3D. It was absolutely amazing and as close to space as I’m likely to get. The 45 minute film showed the initial launching of the Hubble camera, and then the fixes that have been made to the lenses over the years. The most recent fix was in 2009 when a wide range lens was added, allowing even more amazing photos to be taken. After participating in the fascinating work of the astronauts, including training underwater on a full size replica of Hubble, we get to go for a ride through space using the awe inspiring photos sent back by this amazing camera.

Some of the images (in 3D!) were of the nebula in the Orion constellation. Orion, with his hunting dog Sirius, are two of my favorite constellations because they are so easy to identify and have such a great mythic story. The camera takes us into the center of the nebula in Orion’s belt where stars are forming. I can’t express how fantastic it is. Then we go out, out, out, to the edge of space, past billions!!! of galaxies. Wow, is all I can say.

And in all of these billions of stars, the earth stands out as our livable, protective space. I really got, in a visceral way, how huge the universe is and how our Earth is a delicate jewel in this sea of space. I wish everyone could see this movie, so we would quit destroying this planet with pollution and nuclear bombs, and instead do all we can to protect this fragile egg that so delicately surrounds us and protects us.
You can find out more about the film and see some of these awe-inpsiring photos at http://hubblesite.org/

In peace, and here’s to Earth Day!

Fear and Love

What is the balance between Fear and Love.

At one extreme people right now in our country are afraid. The strong violent reaction to the Heath Care bill really brought that fact to the surface. Bullies are abounding, calling legislatures racial names, and throwing bricks through windows. People are afraid of losing their job, their home, their family, and even their country. There is a huge increase in gun purchases, and legislatures are passing new gun laws to allow people to pack weapons in schools, universities, bars, parks, and even Starbucks! Some people feel a need to have a weapon to protect themselves from what in their eyes is a very dangerous world.

On the other extreme people are full of love, hope, and faith. There are people who believe that some other force is watching this planet and that all the problems of the world will be fixed when this other force brings us the compassionate wisdom and salvation we need. Some people see this as an upcoming apocalypse brought on by Christ, others see it as Beings from another planet or dimension who are sending helpful energies to us through portals, others rely on Archangels as the spiritual force that will shift the vibration of the planet to love.

Both of these perspectives are valid, and have truth. But they also represent the far poles of Aries and Libra, of Fear and Love.  During this Full Moon take the time to find the place of balance between these two polarities. Ask yourself: What do I fear? How does this fear direct my actions? What is the source of this fear? Then ask yourself: What do I love? How does love direct my actions? What is the source of this love?  Once you have the two polarities understood, focus on that line between the Yin and the Yang, focus on the place where fear and love disappear. Where love and fear meld into a more perfect union.

There are so many examples of taking loving action to address something that you fear. For example, if you fear pollution of the Earth, plan to participate in an Earth Day Event on April 22nd. If you fear your child’s school is becoming a dangerous place, organize a parental group to address the issue and seek solutions. One woman, Vikki Hanchin, is finding the balance encouraging other women to become awakened to their power so that together we can begin to make the changes that the world so desperately needs, one person at a time. You can find out about her actions through www.wholepersonwholeplanet.com

Is a Perfect Balance Possible?

I was thinking about this Full Moon and the place of balance between Yin/Yang as represented by the line between the light and dark. In my newsletter I stated that the world is always in flux between the Yin and Yang and that there are only fleeting moments of balance and the rest of the time we are in flux, change, upheaval, even.

It brings up the question as to whether it is possible for us, as humans, to always be in the place of harmony as represented by that line between light and dark. Is it possible for us to live in that place of oneness?

I believe the answer to that question is no. We cannot, as a people, as a species, live in a place of total harmony and enlightenment. This is a world of opposites. This is a world of Sun and Moon, day and night, light and dark, good and evil, rich and poor. This planet that we call home is a planet of duality. Since the very beginning of our existence, for millennium, there have always been wars, poverty, and conflict. This planet Earth is the planet of Good and Evil. The people in history who most stand out are those who fought for good – Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King – and those who fought for evil – Genghis Khan,  Hitler, Stalin. This is a planet of conflict and strife. This is a planet where the on-going to and fro of good vs. evil continues. I don’t think that we as humans would be happy in a state of bliss, harmony, and oneness.

We may end up blowing each other up, but hey, that is the nature of this planet. We are not the enlightened ones. We are the kindergarteners fighting at recess. And in that fight some people stand for good, and some people stand for evil. Where do you stand? Why are you here? What do you contribute to the challenge of equilibrium?

The Lord of the Rings, written by Tolkein and made into a spectacular movie by Peter Jackson, is one of the most fantastic stories of the fight between good and evil. Which character do you identify with? What is your task? And will you succeed on your quest? As Sam says to Frodo: “There is something good in this world, and its worth fighting for.” I absolutely, one hundred percent believe Sam is right. Let’s accept that this is a planet of duality, of light and dark. Let’s give up on the idea of perfect peace. Let’s embrace the ever changing, flip-flopping duality that is inherent on this planet Earth. Take a stand, and stay centered, and work for a more perfect union.

The Yin / Yang Symbol

The Yin/Yang symbol is a very simple, yet powerful symbol of perfect balance that leads to wholeness. It shows that everything is held within the whole by an opposing force, represented by the opposing black and white halves of the circle. The black side is Yin and represents darkness, night, Moon, unconsciousness, receptive, female energy. The white side is Yang and represents light, day, Sun, consciousness, active, male energy. These energies are always interacting, always in flux, and are interconnected, which is represented by the small circle of dark Yin within the Yang, and a small circle of light Yang within the Yin.

The Yin/Yang is helpful in understanding the importance of the Full Moon. During the Full Moon the opposing, yet equal energies of life that are always in flux, find a momentary point of balance. When you meditate on the Yin/Yang symbol put your focus on the line in that center that with great gracefulness both separates and joins the two opposite sides. In that space, for just a moment, all the opposites disappear, and you are left gazing at oneness. It is the same with the Full Moon. For just this brief time each month we can meditate on the connecting point of two opposing forces, and in doing so, find a place of union.