Being a Celestial Human

Astrological Practices that link Heaven and Earth

This class will engage astrology as a wisdom tradition that brings you into wholeness by bridging the gap between the celestial and physical realms. Many people think of heaven and earth as divided, with heaven representing the transcendent spiritual realm, and earth the
dense material world. Actually both heaven and earth are sacred, and both heaven and earth can be engaged in a very tangible way. Astrology with its maxim of “As Above, So Below” provides a means to intersect heaven and earth into a unified cosmos, enabling us to live as Celestial Humans, aware of and engaged in the total universe that surrounds us. We will begin by getting to know the celestial residents of our solar system – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. We will begin to establish a deep and lasting
relationship with these energetic beings so that we may learn from them and ask them for their guidance. No prior knowledge of astrology is needed. The goal of this class is to provide you with the tools needed to be a celestial human, not to read an astrological chart. Those with astrological knowledge will find their understanding deepened.
This is an experiential class using a combination of imagery, working with symbols, SoulCollage,
shamanic journeying, sound, movement, journaling, and ceremony.

Six classes on Tuesday nights from 6-8 pm beginning February 28th, 2017. Location is JuJu in Point Breeze.
‣ February 28th – Astrology connects heaven and earth/Four Elements in you
‣ March 7th – Sun and Moon.
‣ March 14th – Mars and Venus.
‣ March 21 – Jupiter and Saturn
‣ March 28 – Mercury and Uranus

‣April 11th – Neptune and Pluto

Class size limited to 12 so register early. To register contact Leslie at If you pay for all 6 classes in advance, the cost is $35 per class and includes a 30 minute chart consult with Lilan to help you orient your chart to course material. If there are spaces available you can attend individual classes at $45 per class.